Hunting at Koedoeberg – Part 2

Thanks guys. Herewith part 2 of my hunt at Koedoeberg. Wilgekrans game farm and lodge are situated in a steep valley/gorge with a permanent stream running trough. There are waterfalls and dams right next to the lodge. It is a very nice lodge in a scenic location.

We drove up along the gorge and I have never seen than many bushbucks and nyalas in one place before. You could probably easily bowhunt a big nyala by walk and stalk. And bushbucks and mountain reedbucks as well. Amazing.

We were to spend our two last nights in this lodge. Stig was looking for impala and warthog and I was looking for blue wildebeest and impala. Late evening we came across a very nice impala and Stig took it with one shot after a short stalk.

The next day we drove up in the highveld looking for blue wildebeest and pigs. We soon connected with a herd of wildebeest and Renier spotted a bull standing by himself to the left in the herd. It was not a big bull, but I thought he was good enough, so I took him with a single shot. Wildebeest was not my primary goal for this trip, but it is nice to add an animal to the collection.

Just a few hundred meters away from where I shot the bull, we came across a wildebeest cow with a broken leg. Stig and I took her out of her misery with a couple of bullets. Unfortunately I don’t have pics of the cow.

We also came across a dead eland cow with some pigs feeding upon it. Stig missed on the biggest of the pigs. After lunch Stig shot a extremely old sow, skinny and infested with parasites – The PH’s said it was the ugliest pig they have ever seen.

Later that evening we came across a herd of impalas, with a huge ram. I quickly took a shot at the ram from about 60 meters range. I thought it was a good shot, Stig thought it casino jameshallison was a good shot and Renier thought it was a good shot. The ram disappeared over a little ridge and we never saw it again….After tracking blood spoor for about 400 meter, the spoor disappeared. For me it was a terrible feeling, but I realized that my shot had hit the ram too far behind. The ram probably died within a few hundred metres, but with thick bush it isn’t easy to find an animal. My only hope is that the local trackers will find it when it starts to smell. It’s my first lost animal and it’s no good feeling.

Late evening we came across a kudu like I have never seen before. A magnificent 58 to 60 inch huge bull. If my little budget could afford it I would have shot that bull instantly. I did have the crosshair on his shoulder – I think his spread between the tips must have been 50 inches. That evening we had potiekos and local produced moonshine. Plus a bottle or two of Johnny Walker.

The sixth and last day we went back to Koedoeberg for the final round. I took it easy and wanted to join Stig for a blesbuck hunt. After locating a herd of blesbuck we tried several times to stalk upon them, but they was very skittish. Finally we came within range and Stig took a big ram with a very nice shoulder shot at 200 meters range. With this was our adventure over for this time and we lined up for a group photo.

I would highly recommend Koedoeberg as a hunting destination and outfitter. The hunt is amazing, though challenging due to a lot of bush, the food is excellent and the lodges is very nice. The guys at Koedoeberg are very friendly and obviously live for hunting. Willem stretched himself as far as possible to tend to his clients and I am proud to call him, Renier and Ricus my friends.

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