We have the following rifles available at Koedoeberg for you to choose from: 264 Magnum, 30-06 Ruger, 375 Weatherby and a 458 FN big game rifle. And yes, you are also more than welcome to bring your own.

The process for bringing your own rifles from abroad to hunt in South Africa

The rifle must be declared at the airport upon arrival in South Africa and the owner of the firearm must have either one of the following to confirm ownership:

  • Proof of purchase
  • Sworn affidavit
  • Customs declaration

It is important to note however that no semi automatic or automatic weapons may be imported into South Africa. It is also important to note that no person under the age of 21 will be allowed to import a rifle into South Africa. Ammunition may only be in the rifle caliber you are bringing in. No other ammunition allowed.

Documents required to bring your own rifle

If you plan on traveling and using your personal firearm on your hunt the following documents are required to be in your possession upon arrival in Johannesburg to secure your temporary firearm license:

  1. Firearm License/Permit. From your own country to verify proof of ownership & serial of firearm. For United States clients a US Custom and Border Protection form 4457 is all that is required. Download here.
  2. SAPS 520 form. Must be completed in black ink and please wait before signing the document as your signature should be added in South Africa at a Police Station. Download here.
  3. Airline ticket. Bring a couple of copies of your flight itinerary, one of which should be given to the South Africa police for the issuing of your firearm permit.
  4. Invitation & Motivation letters. These are both issued by your Outfitter. Kindly contact us to request same and we will gladly assist you with these.
  5. Passport copy. Should be valid for 6 months from date of arrival in South Africa. Bring copies, one of which should be given to the South Africa police for the issuing of your firearm permit.