Koedoeberg exceeded all my expectations – Jeremy Ruesink

Koedoeberg Game Lodge

I just got settled back in after my return from Africa. If you are like me you sometimes think a deal that sounds too good to be true probably is. A 5 day hunt for impala, blesbok, and warthog for $1000 and no other cost? Well what”s the worst that can happen I go to Africa and I”m out a grand. Well I can say that I feel like I under paid.

I spend 7 great days with Willem at Koedoeberg and can”t wait to go back. I only had 5 animals on my list but 7 days and 13 animals later where did the time go. Every part of this hunt was above and beyond my expectations. The food, the lodging, the 3 ph”s Willem, Renier, and Ricus were all a pleasure to spend the week with.

During our stay we went to a few farms and Willem”s was by far the nicest. It has a great variety of terrain with enough animals to keep you excited all the time. Not only were there a lot of animals but the trophy quality was exceptional. I passed on a few great animals on the first day only to regret it 3 days later. But being a rookie to African hunting you don”t know that when you get and opportunity you should take it. We passed on a big kudu the first evening and then had a hard time finding another good one for several days. Willem Wenn Sie in einem traditionellen casino spielen, sollten Sie dem Croupier immer ein Trinkgeld geben. never pressured us into shooting anything but would say it is a good one or you can do better.

That being said after shooting my kudu and my hunting partner shooting his it seemed like the big bulls new that they were in the clear and we started seeing several 50 plus inch kudu everyday for the last 3 days of our hunt. On the last evening of our trip one came within bow range and my warthog hunt turned into a kudu hunt. It was too much to resist the opportunity to take a great kudu with a bow.

The week left me with a lot of great memories and a strong desire to return soon. If anyone is thinking about booking with Koedoeberg I would highly recommend it. I would be happy to answer any questions about Koedoeberg. Feel free to call me 713-306-7446.

Jeremy Ruesink

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