Hunting at Koedoeberg – Part 1

Came back from an amazing hunt with Koedoeberg Safaris last Sunday. This was my third trip to South Africa and this time I brought my friend Stig with me. We were picked up at Johannesburg airport by Willem Faul, the owner of Koedoeberg. A comfortable two hour drive later, we arrived at Koedoeberg Game Farm.

A beautiful hunting ground with plenty of animals. Flat areas, both densely bush and open plains gave room for mountains on both sides. The arrival day we did some shooting and sat in blinds for a couple of hours. A great dinner ended the day.

The first hunting day we did some driving, looking through the dense bush and the plains before we went into the mountains. We saw a lot of animals, especially kudu and several of them were pretty big. Late evening we caught up with a huge kudu bull and Stig got his first African animal – a real heavy-horned 52 inch bull.

The second day Stig and Ricus did some walking looking for gemsbuck and I did a drive looking for waterbuck. In the evening we sat in blinds with bows. I manage Parmi ces jeux se trouvent certains des plus renommes de casino en ligne comme (mais ne se limitent pas a):Nos jeux de casino en ligne suisses incluent aussi quelques unes des meilleures machines a sous « pub fruit » qui s’adressent exclusivement a nos joueurs qui aiment les jeux de casino avec une touche de style et de caractere suisses. to graze an impala female with an arrow and we never saw her again, even after thoroughly searching. Bad shooting from me.

Later we took a trip to a neighbouring farm and looked for bushbucks. We saw several females, but no male. That night we did a night drive looking for night critters, but only saw a lot of impala and kudu.

The third day we sat in blinds again and I was lucky enough to get a really nice waterbuck in. Since it never came within bowrange I took him with the rifle. A heavy-bodied and thick-horned, 26 inch waterbuck, one of my main goals for the trip blackjack was secured and I was in heaven.

Stig took an impala female with a great shot with the bow. We were invited to dinner at Willems place and we had a delicious meal and a great time. After dinner we drove back to the lodge. On the way Stig did a great shot on a porcupine.

The fourth day started with looking for bushbuck. I manage to miss at a nice ram in the morning and my mood was not too good. After lunch my PH Renier spotted an even bigger ram and I took him with a couple of shots. My nemesis, the bushbuck was finally mine, and I was extremely happy!

Renier was exceptional at spotting animals. I didn’t see the ram before I lifted my rifle and even then I couldn’t see that it was a huge ram, but I trusted Renier on his word when he said it was a very good ram. After lunch we went for another lodge, the Wilgekrans lodge. I will come back with that part of the story later.


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