Great hunt with Koedoeberg – Brandon

Just returned from my safari with Koedoeberg. Had a great time hunting at a great ranch with a relaxed atmosphere. The PH’s Reinier and Ricus put us on some great animals and really went out of their way to make it a memorable trip. In addition to the normal hunting style, they took us on several night hunts for predators.

Although we were unsuccessful in putting any jackals in the salt, it wasn’t for lack of opportunity. We used a fox pro call with a steenbok in distress call and it worked great. At nearly every set up, jackals were checking out the call within minutes. If you get the opportunity to hunt at night, it gives you a totally different perspective and an opportunity to see animals that you might not get a chance at during the day.

We were able to take a couple of porcupines, saw a brown hyena, an aardwolf, a civet, and a caracal. It was a short trip, but after six days of hunting I was able to take an eland, duiker, black springbok, black wildebeest and a porcupine. My brother-in-law took a great old gemsbok bull, impala, blesbok, and a porcupine.

I would highly recommend Koedoeberg. I have hunted several other ranches in South Africa and Namibia, and this is a ranch that I will definitely return to.

Thanks guys, Brandon.

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