Can you recognise the different species’ footprints? Hover your mouse cursor over the footprint to see whether you were right. Please note these footprints are not according to scale. Here are the footprints you need to identify:


  1. Buffalo footprint
  2. Bushbuck footprint
  3. Duiker footprint
  4. Eland footprint
  5. Gemsbuck footprint
  6. Giraffe footprint
  7. Hartebeest footprint
  8. Impala footprint
  9. Klipspringer footprint
  10. Kudu footprint
  11. Nyala footprint
  12. Reedbuck footprint
  13. Springbok footprint
  14. Steenbok footprint
  15. Waterbuck footprint
  16. Warthog footprint
  17. Wildebeest footprint
  18. Zebra footprint







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