Come Enjoy the Koedoeberg Experience with us

Koedoeberg Game Farm is owned and operated by professional hunter Willem Faul and father Billy Faul. The base camp is the renovated Old Farm House. You will be comfortably accommodated with all modern conveniences and treated to fine cuisine prepared in the traditional South African way. Personalized service, attention to detail and catering to individual tastes and preferences are all key to our service. We are totally committed to making your trip happy and memorable.


Message from the Owner

Says Willem — I loved the farm the first time I saw it and the day I set foot on the farm in 2006 I asked the owner what he wanted for the farm and we did a hand shake deal there and then. The farm is a bush-veld farm and is good for a hunting experience. If you wound an animal with a bad shot you might not find it. For that reason I hunt with a 375 that is forgiving if you can’t get the perfect shot. I trust you will also enjoy your hunt with us.

Some history

The farm was purchased from a cattle farmer, Henning Visser. As soon as we bought the farm we fenced it and reintroduced animals. There was a fair amount of free roaming animals. A lot of time and energy have gone into creating a sustainable and natural Eco-system. We are proud of the large variety of bird life present on the farm and also the new species that have arrived since we built our natural dams. We enjoy our farm and invite you to be part of the experience.

Visualize the following

The base camp is the renovated Old Farm House. The farm is next to the N4 and that makes it a bit easier to get to. The house is 5 km from the road so you won’t hear the traffic. It is also surrounded by mountains and hills so the sun rises a bit later and sets earlier. About 35% of the terrain are hills and the rest is flat.

Community involvement

We are trying to create as many jobs as possible through-out the year. Koedoeberg is proud of its staff and always try to train and learn and uplift them. We always strive to sell the meat from the hunting trips to the nearby underprivileged community at very low rates. We also have an annual package where all monies received are paid over to the church.

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